We have always been hearing about the beauty
of nature that lies in 'konkan' but seldom did we
try to explore it. Today we take you to a very
precious jewel of Konkan,

a 'BLISS' called 'Dapoli'

Welcome to Dapoli- A small town in the konkan coastal belt of Maharashtra which is a few hours drive from Mumbai and Pune.

The hill station climate that Dapoli offers, inspite of its proximity to the sea-front, the nearest coast being just 10 mins away, is endorsed by the fact that Britishers had set up their resting camps at Dapoli for their senior officers. Rather it is the only hill station in Maharashtra with an access to 11 beaches just a few mins away.

With a breathtaking landscape full of hills, pristine coastline, untouched beaches, backwaters at great length, huge lush green hills seen till the horizon, riverlets, hot water springs; cashew, mangoes, coconut & beetelnut plantations in abundance; sunrise, sunset, starts....what not. With Asia's largest agriculture university & 62 other places of interest & more to be explored, Dapoli is a step ahead than 'GODS OWN COUNTRY' not too far from super prime metros like Mumbai & Pune.

Another very important aspect about this place and around is the positivity that this land holds. This is backed by the fact that so many great personalities have this land as their birthplace or place of origin. To name a few were the Sane Guruji, Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Three Bharat-ratna awardees are associated with Dapoli Maharshi Dhondo Keshav Karve, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar and Dr. Pandurang Vaman Kane


Thanks to the bundle things that Dapoli offers, it's becoming a highly developing tourism hub, which will be one of the top few most preferred tourist destinations across the country in a couple of years. It will also become a most preferred tourist destination for Mumbai & Pune , it's a great alternative to Khandala & Lonavala. The support to this is that hotels in Dapoli are enjoying an average annual occupancy of 65% and above, with it going upto 100% on weekends & public holidays.

Thanks to Vision of the Transportation minister of India & the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Soon Dapoli will be just a stones throw away from Mumbai & Pune

The upcoming scenic Mumbai Goa Costal highway for faster connectivity & pleasure of beautiful driving, passes through Dapoli. The widening & Multi lane work of the Mumbai Goa Highway is in great progress too. Very soon Dapoli will be connected to Mumbai via Sea Route


Pristine Sandy Beaches with water- sports, diving & dolphin spotting activities.

Suvarnadurga fort in the middle of Sea

Exploring the backwaters

Rejuvenate, rest & enjoy a real pollution free environment in the hills & the plantations

It is also a heaven for vegetarian food lovers for traditional veg
delicacies & for fish lovers due to Harnai fishing port for fresh fish